Guest Blog: Charlamagne the God & Rape Culture by Kiana Chambers

A couple weeks ago The Breakfast Club held a discussion on their morning show about rape culture and moral honestly. Charlamagne starts the podcast off by giving himself “donkey of the day” for not realizing the severity and reality of rape culture sooner. He then goes on to rattle off a list of things that we (yes we that includes me, you, ya daddy and ya momma too) ALL grew up on with regards to rape culture.  He rattles off all forms of rape culture from touching a girls butt at Freak-Nik to “running a train” on a girl without her consent. He talks about movies like Revenge of the Nerds and how a lot of rape culture was used to validate a mans “manliness or cool factor”. However, he makes sure to emphasize that no matter how big or small the incident was, it was all WRONG. He says “If we are being personally accountable and morally honest” we will reveal that a lot of men were raised on rape culture.

But what I liked the most about this podcast was that not only does he condemn himself, his friends, and our black brothers for adhering and embracing rape culture but he then turns the conversation to something constructive and asks people to call in with solutions.

The first caller is so oblivious about rape culture, that he calls in to say that he did not grow up “on all of that” but he “grabbed a couple asses or something.” Completely ignoring the fact that this IS in fact a part of rape culture.

I think this podcast was powerful because rape culture is no longer something we have to tip-toe around or whisper about. Unfortunate as it is, it’s a part of all of us, from the men who have carried it out to the women who have allowed it to continue. The sooner we acknowledge it’s existence the sooner we can start to dismantle it and build a better future not only for our women but for our society as a whole.

It’s nice to know that people are finally starting to get it.

It’s all apart of #TheNewParadigm.

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