Reminder: Always Be on Top


“I can’t be in menopause and in coach.”- Samantha in Sex in the City 2

No matter what you are going through, always recall your worth. It is okay to have bad days and to not feel very confident. But honey, you are first class at all times! Never let your current mood dictate your being. You are still YOU no matter what.

1 of 1: Wine Drunk


It started off like any other Monday — me being pissed off that I needed to get up. I never feel like going to school and most likely need to let the weekend dissolve me, but nonetheless, I still go to class like any Honors student would :).

Some memorable highlights of the day included me not realizing I had homework for the majority of my classes and it being nippy out whilst I wearing a slip dress and Birkenstocks. I almost forgot to mention my never-ending marketing summit from 11-5 paired with the cruel reminder it would pick back up same time on Wednesday. Wouldn’t you rather be drinking wine on a vineyard somewhere pretending responsibilities, life, decisions and Trump didn’t exist? So how does one rectify a Monday such as this? You run into your mans- Big Willie aka Willy Wonka, and decide that you needed to make a Trader Joes run. We finally arrive to the store where we were welcomed with a free red wine tasting (red wine is not my first pick) and it was $4.99. Cheap and slightly tasty…We were SOLD! Will got three bottles of it and I got one. We came back to the West Towers- Will played the smooth oldies and I cooked some chili while drinking our $4.99 bottle of wine. Then Will and I sat and sang smooth oldies for hours while slowly sipping our unpronounceable wine. I got some good sleep this night—which is rare when you are sleeping in a Twin XL.

The moral of the story is always be open to a good day because it can come from the littlest things. If you are moving through life too fast or have decided to be in a bad mood, you may miss your inkling of happiness. Don’t let anyone steal the bits of joy we have left- even if its Monday.

Shoutout to Trader Joes, $4.99 table wine, and my mans Big Willie.

red wine