No Chaser: Episode 001 Midget Mac


Cheater, cheater punkin eater! If you were on social media at all this weekend, you couldn’t help but watch Kevin Hart’s life implode by way of one of his “mistakes”. Not quite sure how you slip in fall in vagina over and over again, but hey, who am I. I know I am gonna sound very cynical, but I am tired and these stories always get under my skin.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking: Men cheat, this is not a new concept. Why are people so worked up about this specific case?”. First of all, we need to stop excusing poor behavior with generalizations- men, nor women, should be cheating in the first place. And in terms of this specific couple, this trainwreck was bound to happen due to a series of social media blunders. If you have been out of the loop, I will catch you up– grab some Jameson though because this is a mess.

  • First, Kevin Hart has been a cheater: he cheated on his ex-wife, Torrei, a LOT but blamed it on him being 22.
  • One of Kevin Harts mistresses is his now wife, Eniko aka “my rib”. She recently had an IG showdown with Torrei. The following video details it all.
  • Now fast forward to the last month where there was a consistent buzz that Kevin was cheating again but Kevin denied and even said people are always mad that a woman is happy ending it with #teamLOVE like Diddy was giving him a check or something.
  • So here we are today, one of the people Kevin stepped out with is attempting to extort him for millions after she shopped the video and pictures she took to the blogs. The video is blurry but you can hear and see people having sex, then a short Black man that favors Kevin gets up and starts talking. #onceacheateralwaysacheater


Its sad to say, but I don’t feel bad for Eniko. You lose em, how you got em, sis! That formula wins every time- we saw it with Bradgelina and I’m still waiting on Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.


How do yall feel? Would you stay with your partner or in the age of social media, would the public humiliation be too much to bear? Let’s chat in the comments.


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